Can I wake up like this every Sunday?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Sunday morning, about 9 am, and I am having this wonderful dream... A girl is sucking on my rock-hard morning erection, until I come in her mouth. Suddenly, I wake up, and it IS true, my girlfriend is making the best use of my hard-on. Half awake, I search for her tight pussy, to give her a good cunnilingus in return. When I start licking her, I notice, she is very wet already, soon, my lips and nose are wet of her juices! I start licking her little butt also, an soon it relaxes enough to welcome a finger, to investigate this tight hole. When it relaxes a little more, I manage to get my tongue in real deep, moisturising it even more, to get ready for the grand finale... Suddenly, she shivers, and has a really fine orgasm. Quickly, she changes position, and pushes her wet butthole over my cock, also wet from her saliva. It glides in smoothly, and she rides it, with growing pleasure. She feels that I want to come, and speeds up just a little, enough for me to come deep inside her. I gasp for air, when I let my cum gush deep inside her, and when she lets my cock slide out slowly, a pearl-white stream slowly drips out of her, on my chest. Now, she lays in my arms, cuddling and kissing, my sperm màssaged into the skin of my chest by her, claiming it is good for the skin...Can I wake up every sunday like this??? PLEASE ???