Breakfast Fuck

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Itsme123

I woke up from my sleep wearing my short silk night gown and headed to the toilet, as soon as he heard the water running he woke up. I go to the kitchen to have my morning tea and check my phone, little did I know that the way I was sitting exposed my vagina but he definitely saw it when he walked in, he asked what’s for breakfast and pretended to drop something. So he goes under the table opens my legs and goes down on me. Picks me up and puts me on the kitchen table and continues, then we make love and fuck from the front and the back. But once he turned me around he slaps my ass then brushes his hand over to sooth the pain then he fucks me and I cum. Because I cam before him he sits me on the table again and tells me to play with myself and he won’t touch me. I’m loud he’s horny so he masterbates to the sight of me and cums all over me and some of it comes on my face I lick it off he’s turned on by that, he checks the time fucks me real quick and reminds me that we both need to go to work.

He kisses my forehead and thanks me for breakfast, then promises me he will do my breakfast next time.