Boring Zoom Job Meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Henry

During this pandemic, both my wife and myself have been having many long, boring work meetings via Zoom. Now that we're approaching summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, she often wears short, light dresses which immediately turn me on. When she's on a meeting, my fantasy is to walk into the room, shut the door (we have kids), sit on the floor between her legs, softly and tenderly caress her legs, kiss her thighs, getting closer and closer... make her white cotton panties aside with my fingers, touch her vagina (which should already be wet by then), masturbate her exactly the way she likes it, and finally give her oral sex, until she hopefully has an orgasm – without being noticed by her meeting partners :P We love your films! Thanks a lot for making them, they've been a really nice and spicy experience for us :)