A Boring Meeting

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hansel2018

I want one touch, that's not so much

But you say it would be obscene

We sit and stare at men with grey hair

But my desires play out unseen

In my mind, you will find

That my hand has begun to wonder

The old ones talk, but fail to walk

Your passion grows much fonder

Your hand meets mine as we skirt the line

The suits laugh and are not aware

I kiss your neck and in just a sec

We spice up the affair

I look to the right to three men in sight

But all they care of is rants

You look to the left and in a way most deft

Slide down your professional pants

You clear your throat and grab your coat

I dive under and between your legs

No one looks, as I hook

Your wonderful panties. Your wetness begs

While enjoying me, the man you came to see

Begins to saddle up

This is it, you stay and sit

You feel as helpless as a pup

He jokes, and I coax

You to open your legs a little more

You smile, all the while

You're holding back a feral roar

At long last, it needs to be asked

The thing you came here to do

As he says yes, you think of the mess

When you came and nobody knew