Bloody Marital Bliss

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I got my period on my wedding day, about a week before it should happen. Probably a wedding stress related thing, I don't know...So, suddenly during the party, I felt myself getting wet. When I told my new husband, he instantly pulled me into a side room, lifted up my gown, and took a look at the damage. My expensive white lace undies were covered in bright red stains of blood. My husband tore it off my body, and licked me clean, without any hesitation. Soon, I orgasmd, with his tongue buried deep inside my now soaking wet labia. Quickly, he adjusted my clothes, and we returned to the party. The rest of the party, I was naked under my wedding gown, still wet from his tongue, in anticipation for what his demanding fingers, lips and cock would do with me, during our wedding night.