A Bloody Bicycle Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Summer, a warm day, and we were enjoying our bicycle ride around the countryside. But then: DISASTER! My wife's period began, and she didn't have a tampon with her! Her undies were covered in blood, so there was only one solution: take it off. Now she was riding around the countryside, about 20 km from home, in her short summer dress. The wind caressing and cooling her dripping wet pussy... She said that she liked that feeling, and that it made her very horny. So, when we spotted a secluded spot for some sexy frolicking around, we did just that. I caressed her tiny butt with a wetted finger, using my saliva to lube it. Gently I entered her back door, and rode her doggy style, while she fingered herself. To our surprise, we came almost together, while the hot sun was blazing down on us. We just lay there, naked in the grass, the soft summer breeze cooling us down. When we went home, she also removed her bra, feeling totally free and content, her body hardly covered by her dress.