Are you hungry dear?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Miss Seamstress

My husband is quite sexually shy and I always have fantasies of doing something sexually out of character to shock him and force him into an uncomfortable hot situation.

I wait for him to return from work, he takes his shoes off, undoes his shirt and I greet him, ask if he would like a hot drink and if he's hungry.

He sits in the living room, puts on the TV.

I walk in switch the TV off, the rooms silent, I tell him not to speak, just watch. I am wearing a dress that I let fall to the floor, now only a thong.

I bend over in front of his face, slowly slide my thong to the floor.

He is visibly nervous and breathing heavily, then without saying a word, he grabs my ass and eats my pussy like he's been starving for it for his entire life, then we have sex in all kinds of positions, he fully let's go and tells me everything he wants.

In reality I never make this happen but hope that it becomes an after work tradition.