Airport arrivals

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Impala

There you were, waiting for me in the arrivals lounge. You smile at me and wrap your arms around me to kiss me. I love knowing I'm coming home to you fetching me at the airport; you always know just how to welcome me back. I can't keep my hands off you; that dress is just too enticing. Even still, you keep trying to jump away from me. Climbing into the car, you reach over and put your hand dangerously high up my neck as I pull you in to kiss you, my hands pushing the tin fabric higher and higher. You push me back and start unbolting my jeans and tell me to start driving. I can feel your hair against my skin and your breath on my cock as you unbutton my pants and start teasing me while we drive out of the parking; I'm doing my best to resist you. In our little game, if I can resist you, you must take off your bra for the rest of the night. "Once we're home," I growl, my hand wrapping through your hair, "I expect you on your knees in the bedroom, shirt off, hair up. I want to hear everything you've wanted to do to me in between you moaning on my cock as you go down on me. I want to hear you say my name as you look into my eyes and tell me to cum for you.". Wrapping my fingers through your hair as I pump my cock against your lips, careful not to push too far. "You want me to cover your sexy face and tits in my cum?", a muffled moan escapes your lips, still dutifully wrapped around my cock. "You always look so fucking hot like that.". You clean my cock with your mouth before you leave the car, your dress falling from your shoulders as you walk through the door...