Acid Orgasm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Angra

So, I used to date a guy that was addicted in sex, so we used to have a lot of sex. One of those times (the last time I had sex with him), we took some molly together and we started tripping very hard, and got really turned on. So he took some coconut oil and started to rub all my body with it, stopping on my breasts and rubbing really hard, very intense - it wasn't hurting and was so f* good! And I was so turned on that my mind wasn't thinking anymore, I was just responding to the extreme feelings of excitement. Then he started the penetration, one hand rubbing gently one nipple, the other on my clitoris and it was like heaven, I was in heaven with so much stimulation... I knew it was the last time cause the guy was kind of crazy, a little bit boring, so it was a very nice way to say bye bye!