Acid Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Antiloop

Acid is a psychedelic that connects you with the universe, you feel the nature, you understand the trees, you see the energy moving toward everything, as well as inside you.

Yet I have never experience a sexual act into a psychedelic voyage. How could two torrid bodies become one with the universe...

I can imagine feeling every drop of sweat that flows from one person to another, I could look deep in her eyes and see the constellations, my tongue could melt inside of her mouth as both of us would feel the saliva dripping like honey. I could be conscious of the chill that petrifies my back when the breeze reaches it.

Or I could close my eyes and let my creativity flow with the pleasure. While her face is no longer human, and the lights piercing through my eyelids are shaping astral creatures, I recall to focus on the one thing happening, the fusion of our two bodies.

But most of all... how to show it in a movie ?