A proud lady

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

She walks down the street, with a smile on her face, a Mona Lisa smile. Her beautiful, serene face surrounded by a hijab. Her beautiful, dark eyes make her look exotic. Her body is covered by a long coat, covering her whole body. When she opens the door to her house, her smile broadens, because she knows HE is waiting for her, her young husband. In the hall she removes her hijab and coat, and starts unbuttoning her blouse on the stairs to the bedroom. Upstairs, she steps out of her long skirt. Only wearing her underwear, she opens the bedroom door. There he is, waiting for her, already naked. Slowly, she removes her undies, and her bra. The big, dark nipples of her heavy breasts are erect. She sits on the bed, her face close to his erection. They don't speak, there is no need for that. With one, big gulp she takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks on it, until he comes in her mouth. They relax for a while, and take a quick shower. Now it is his turn, to satisfy HER... He licks her hairy pussy, and carefully massages her butt. After a few minutes, she orgasms, and her anus relaxes enough to let his finger in. They kiss and cuddle for a while, saving their strength for round 3. Together, they prepare a meal, still naked. And after, as dessert, she whispers something in his ear. She blushes, and takes him by his hand, back to the bedroom. There she kneels on the bed, with her buttocks towards him. Carefully, he lubes her butt, and then the head of his cock. Slowly, he enters her anus, and stops when he is all the way in. He kisses her buttocks, and starts thrusting in her harder and harder. Suddenly, she orgasms, with a loud moan.