2 For The Price Of 1

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rainstar

In my fantasy, I go round to surprise this guy I like at his house. He opens the door and before he can say a word, my mouth is on his and I’ve pushed him back against the wall. My hands are already undoing his belt and his jeans fall to his ankles. I can feel his swollen cock through the fabric of his shorts and as I firmly cup his balls, I feel it get harder still. I look him in the eyes and sink slowly to my knees in front of him. He groans as I pull his boxers down to join his jeans and lick him, balls to tip, before taking it deep into my mouth, slowly moving it in and out. I’m too busy sucking him off to notice that he wasn’t alone when I came to his door and that his friend is now stood next to us, watching, the bulge at his crotch visibly growing as he moves his hand over it. My mouth still full of cock, I look over and I can see how much the friend is enjoying what he’s seeing and I KNOW my guy is turned on by this, so we carry on as the friend unashamedly pulls out his cock and starts to wank over our little show. I want the friend involved, so I beckon him closer and I swap cocks. The guy, watching, starts to pull himself off and his other hand slips inside my dress and pulls it down to set my tits free and play with my nipples. I need us all to be naked NOW, so I take their hands and lead them to the bedroom. We undress slowly, watching each other, a little nervous now, I sit on the edge of the bed between them. My guy gently turns my face to kiss him as I feel his friend’s hand caressing my thigh, tentatively, teasingly heading for my already wet pussy. He slides his fingers in and around my vulva, pressing, rubbing, exploring, his other hand starts to explore the rest of my body. He presses me back onto the bed and begins to generously and enthusiastically lick me out while the guy kneels next to me, touching himself, squeezing my tits, occasionally bending to suck a nipple. I pull him closer and take the end of his cock in my mouth as he watches his friend, his face deep between my thighs, his hands gripping my butt cheeks, fiercely pulling me harder on to his searching tongue as my body shakes with orgasm. It’s not enough though and I need to be filled right away. We start fucking with me on all fours and the friend slamming into me from behind, the impact of his thrusts forcing my mouth further onto my guy’s cock each time so I’m sucking him off to the rhythm of his friend’s fucking. We’re all starting to lose control and it feels like there are hands everywhere, my butt, my clit, my hair, my tits. I can feel them both starting to cum. My mouth is full of hot, throbbing cock and so is my pussy. I let my orgasm take over as hot cum spurts into my mouth and the final pulsing thrusts into my pussy take me over the edge of another uncontrollable orgasm.