Where the world ends.

BY SilverScarletteFox
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

It's 'that' look.

The moment, when everything stands still, when pure pleasure overrides everything and we are lost in the eternity of lust, of love, of pure unadulterated pleasure.

It's the eye roll, head falling back, soft moan escaping lips.

The moment of penetration.

When our primal selves connect into prehistory and submit to the urges of eros.

Whether it be hard, fast, quick, slow, gentle, rough, our bodies hark back to the ancient bonds.

It's that moment, where the world ends.

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"I like pretty girls in any shape and size and I want to bring back natural, sexy beauty." Sarah is a 28 year old photographer who lives in Berlin and keeps her work 100% Photoshop-free.

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