Erika Lust presents in The Lesbian Compilation 10 female-centric and lesbian fantasies short films.

Erika Lust presents 10 female-centric and lesbian fantasies exploring mutual masturbation, group sex, and the pleasures of self-love. Welcome to another kind of lesbian erotica: full of women who love other women, bisexual women, sexually fluid women, and just women doing it for themselves.
Be a Hero elevates the POV genre to new heights as Anneke Necro spends time alone with her GoPro camera.
In I Wish I Was a Lesbian, a tourist falls on the sofa of two lesbian friends but is soon enticed into their bed.
Plus, there is a little something if you have more of a niche appetite—In Meow Kittens Orgy, four girls prowl, fight, and lick like kittens. In Spectrophilia, a lover arrives from beyond our realm.

Erika Lust Erika Lust