Brutal yet gentle, sexy and romantic; Bruce LaBruce delivers a taboo-shattering masterpiece.

"A few years ago I was displaced from the country I lived in, due to wars that are nothing to do with me and are out of my control. I was forced to travel for many months until I managed to end up in a country so completely different from my own that I never knew how I could see it as a home.

Until one day I met a man. He was so different to me - from a completely different background, different experiences, different ambitions. We kept bumping into each other in the supermarket, of all places, until one day he approached me. We went for a coffee and things developed from there. What I will always remember is the first time we had sex. He was so kind and gentle with me, he stroked my beard and kissed my eyelids like I was precious to him. I told him stories in my native language and when we were having sex he would always speak in his native tongue, which made me so hard. The first time we had anal sex he started by putting his tongue so far up my ass that I almost came then and there. When he penetrated me, the first few moments of pain gave way to the greatest pleasure, years of build-up released when I orgasmed. All those months of travel, all those years of feeling out of place, not knowing who I was, where I was. He helped me find completeness. I'd always had to hide my sexuality where I came from, but in this new place, with this new man and these new friends that I was gradually accumulating, I felt so free, so welcomed. Home.

Now the phrase Refugees Welcome has an entirely new meaning for me."

— By QuentinQueer
Erika's comment

Welcome Bruce LaBruce, for the first gay film on XC! This confession was so unusual, so incredibly moving and undeniably current that we HAD to shoot it. And who better than the prolific, controversial and Prince of Homosexuals himself?


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  • D

    I like this :)
    It's a very different perspective from what we're used to speaking about refugees!

  • M

    I am so excited for this one. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  • E

    Wow! What a beautiful and vulnerable story <3

  • N

    delicate topic ... homosexuality is such a taboo in so many of the countries the majority of todays refugees come from (and to a lesser degree in the societies they flee to). I love the way you folks at cs portrait gay sex. Other than most mainstream gay porn it is so intimate and sensible that it also appeals to me as a straight person.

    • N
      Erika Lust

      I felt like Bruce was the perfect director for exactly those reasons! I can't wait for you to see it - it is an incredibly tender and beautiful film. I think the subject matter is handled so brilliantly by Bruce! One of my favourite confessions too.

  • Z

    You don't realize what you have done mam erika....I have similar fantasies as well as many people throughout conservative societies,we can only wish they become true

  • M


  • A

    again, fantastic work! it's beautiful, I can only agree.
    one thing, though, that I can't get out of my head.... may i ask why the rape scene had to be so detailed? is this part of the fantasy? tbh, i skipped it. i could not imagine having sex with anyone right after being violated. but then again, maybe the violence is needed to create this great contrast, this atmosphere of tenderness and safety.
    no judging here, i just wanna understand.

    • A
      Erika Lust

      I think it's better to direct these questions to Bruce, as it was his vision :) He has done several interviews about the film however and you can find links to them and quotes from him about the film in my blog post here: NOT SAFE FOR WORK however. I hope this helps!

  • P

    This is beyond amazing. Super classy and stylish piece of art. Thank you so much!!

  • H

    This one was great as always :)

  • M

    I'm not getting subtitles!

    • M
      Erika Lust

      Bruce didn't want to include subtitles! It was his artistic deliberate choice

  • D

    Are there subtitles for these videos or not? I'm new...hah. It's a little frustrating to not understand half of what's being said in several of them :(

    • D
      Erika Lust

      Hi there, which ones do you need subtitles for? If you are streaming then there should be subtitles! Apart from on Refugee's Welcome, Bruce didn't want to include subtitles as an artistic comment upon our culture, language and communication.

  • R

    I am deeply touched and impressed.

  • Y

    I loved this video so much. Jesse Charif is beautiful. Hope to see more of him in the future!

  • D

    I think this may be the first real gay porn I've seen. Thank you a million times over. Pretty much just watched it like 15 times. Please make more male gay movies that feel like relationships. This world needs this.

  • S

    I can't stop watching amazing

  • J
    I'm a man but i can watch this gay film. It look so nice and beautiful just like male-female films.
  • M
    Omg I love it!!! I really hate watching gay porn cuz they’re all emotionless but not this one. They’re so cute together >.<
  • G
    wtf there's a rape scene!!!!!!! total turn off!!!!!! and just generally a weird sexualization of refugee experience??? i'm so uncomfortable !!
  • N
    The best I've seen so far... I'm a lesbian and that's exactly what I hoped to find, being turned on and get emotionally involved by the exact opposite of my reality. Loved it.
  • P
    Really fantastic film! Exactly what the erotics should be. Sensual, beautiful, funny ending.
  • H
    Puh. I'm confused. On one hand I love the theme of the film. I think its very important to show the refugee issue from the homoerotic perspective which also shows the advantages of our society compare to others. On the other hand its my hometown B and I dont feel comfortable when you guess that there are groups of "white skins" around "Ostbahnhof". Especially in a sytle of the 90s. Or did you mean the gay fetish style of skinheads? If this is the case you open a big issue of raping in the gay scene. I know films doesn't have to be realistic, but just because you aim to get to the top of your story you don't have to ignore subcultural/political realities. Anyway, great job.
  • B
    This is surprisingly one of your best pieces in XConfessions! I am mostly a straight (ish) girl, but I love how sex is portrayed beyond merely the physical act. It was vulnerable and gentle, but fiery and hot at the same time. Somehow I felt like this film hit me too deep in the feels. Male gay porn is the last thing I would ever watch--but now, I think NOPE! This is a masterpiece xoxo
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