You are My Desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tall Poppy

We are sitting in the back of his van, gazing out to the horizon. Its winter on the coast and the sky is clear, the stars are full. He's telling me about his photography but my mind drifts away. I want his desire. I want to be his for a night. Sitting across from each other I tell him to stop talking and look into my eyes. Slowly I remove my panties and spread my legs to open my perfect pussy. All the while our eyes are locked in one another as the energy rises like the moon, until we both know that it's time to release. Leaning into childs pose he rests his head on my pelvis and reaches his arms under my jumper, letting me arch my back while I'm held in warm hands. I feel my nipples go hard as he breaths deeply into my vulva, inhaling and exhaling it's natural and fertile aroma, like breathing in the sea. We feel our bodies connect by a raw, hot, erotic that neither of us knew was possible. Is that how tantra feels? Breathe. "You are safe". Breathe. "You are calm". Breathe. "You are my desire".

Before he's even fully inside me, I squirt in ecstasy.