Yoga Mistress

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JRR

I’ve been taking a Vinyasa yoga class for the past few months with an absolutely hot instructor. I originally signed up for the class to find a little “me time “ while my husband took care of the children. Little did I know that my focus shifted to a desire for the teacher. Every time she put her hands on me to help with a yoga pose sent ripples of desire through my body. I often found myself fantasizing about her during class as her muscular tattooed body contorted into different poses, and most nights my yoga pants were soaked with my juices by the time class was over. Sometimes she smiled when she caught me staring at her which made her even hotter to me. I often couldn’t wait to get home to take a shower afterward in order to satisfy my aching desire for her. Then one night as class ended she asked me if I was having difficulty with a new pose that she introduced that evening. When I confessed that I wasn’t confident she asked if I could stay and she would help me to correct my mistakes. I mumbled “that’d be awesome “ as she walked over to the door and, in the silence of the now vacant studio, an echoing sound of the lock closing into position caused my heart to start pounding in my chest. As she walked back towards me she instructed me to lie on my yoga mat on all fours. As I did she knelt next to me and I could smell her warmth. “In order to hold this pose correctly you must first flatten your stomach,” she said as she reached over and placed her left hand just above my waistband. “As you flatten your stomach draw your hips inward and tuck your buttocks in” as she put her right hand on my ass, sending ripples of positive energy through my body. “Much much better “ she purred, “you’re doing much better, now let’s advance this further “…and with that she slipped her left hand up under my sports bra while her right hand moved between my legs.