What's your pleasure!

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pleasure seeker

Finding a partner with a similar sex drive can be a challenge. The truly lucky ones find a partner who is nearly equal to you in ways of sexuality. I confess the wish that this is my good fortune. My partner and I both work during the week. She works from home most days so she is usually there when I get home. Most days the ride is somewhat electric and downright distracting for me as I play the possible scenarios that would await me when I get home.

We like to “shake off” the workday with a late afternoon ritual. I open the door, put down my bags, and mount my keys on the hook behind the door. My partner may be sitting in her chair in the small living room or lounging in our bedroom. I look first to see what she (or isn’t wearing) for my first clue as to what the afternoon holds. Usually, the fewer clothes she has on the more adventurous the afternoon. I ask the same question to her each afternoon, “What is your pleasure today?”

The answers to that question contain multitudes and that’s where the adventure begins. Some days her pleasure takes pedestrian form, “I’ve been on the go all day, my pleasure would be a good foot rub and toe suck.” “Give me one of your all over caress massages and don’t forget to kiss my neck and scratch my back.” Her specialty is knowing how to mix her pleasures up so neither of us gets bored and I don’t get resentful. She likes to cum from penile stimulation so a couple of days a week we end with both of us cumming as close to each other as possible.

The one constant we have is at some point in the pleasure process she concentrates on biting and sucking my nipples. It’s a sure fire way to get me hard if that is our goal but she knows that I crave for my nipples to be in a constant state of being a little raw and sore to the touch. I touch myself frequently throughout the day partly in remembrance of the day before and partly in anticipation of the afternoon ahead.

Somedays her pleasure is to use me for her own pleasure. “I want you naked and spreadeagle on the bed”. After securing my four appendages she works on arousing my middle appendage so she can ride me as she seeks orgasm. Some days her pleasure is my pleasure as she is aware that there is mutuality involved. In my confession my partner understands the extent to which my desires go and does her best to make sure these are satisfied on an occasional basis.

Eventually we break from our afternoon ritual, discuss what is for dinner, and I unpack my lunch bag that I quickly dropped upon entering the apartment. We take a rest from our pleasure rituals on the weekend although my nightly caresses occasionally turn into early morning passionate coupling. Life is good.