Vanilla dreams

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Leigh

I dream of my lover often. Circumstances make it difficult for us to spend much time together. Luckily my dreams give me more time with him. I love to fall asleep thinking about the way he kisses me… how his lips gently caress my neck and his warm breath send tingles through my body. If I’m lucky, my sleepy fantasies are played out through the night. The details of a recent dream had me so wet and hot by the time I awoke. Even though I love to please my lover in every possible way, this time it was my turn… He wouldn’t let me touch him until I begged. He slowly undressed me, gliding his fingers against my skin as he removed each piece of clothing. When he reached my panties, he was deliberate in pausing between my thighs, causing my pulse to quicken. I moaned as I ached for his fingers to feel me. He remained fully clothed in his basic blue jeans and solid black t-shirt. He is oh so sexy, just being close to him makes me long for his touch. He brushed my hair away from my neck and leaned over me, French kissing my neck and gently biting my skin. My nipples hardened in response and I could tell my pussy was getting wet. I reached to unbutton his pants but he backed away a tad. “No, baby, not yet..” he said as he guided me to the bed. “Lie down.” I did as I was told and he took control. He spread my legs apart and proceeded to kiss my body from my mouth, down my breasts and stomach until he grazed my clit. Fuck I needed him inside me so badly but he resisted. He continued to keep me at the edge for what seemed like an eternity until I couldn’t take it anymore. I begged him to let me undress him. He finally obliged, but only to continue teasing my clit with his dick until I finally grabbed his ass and tilted my hips so he could thrust deeply into me. “Oh fuck!” I moaned loudly, unable to contain my desire. After all the anticipation, I needed him to fuck me hard. He understood my wishes and I could tell he needed me too. His kisses were deep and sensual, our tongues danced playfully in between gentle bites. He knew just what to do to make me so hot. He continued to slide deep into me, deliberately rubbing his pelvis against my clit with every thrust. I raised my hips up for maximum penetration just as he sent me over the edge. “Cum with me,” he moaned, and the sound of his voice sent me spiraling out of control. We both exploded in ecstasy, kissing and fucking, wrapped up in each other’s embrace until the sun came up and my fantasy lover disappeared into the reality of our regular lives. Until tonight…