True Match

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nadredaktor

What if there was a lovers-matching app, a bit like Tinder, but way better? One that knows your most intimate wishes and fears, all your love-making-parameters and accesses the deepest sensual parts of your inner self? Imagine a couple who is matched by the app meets and are blindfolded from the first to almost last minute of their encounter, preventing all physical characteristics from messing with the imminent desire that the app detected. This would remove all that unnecessary noise that our brains focus on. The workers of the app safeguard the lovemaking-scene and cater to the lovers' needs during their encounter. After what turns out to be the most amazing sex ever the lovers are able to finally see each other. Obviously they discover the visual discrepancies between their perceived image of the other's body, but see the person differently after just accepting, as well as both giving and receiving sexual pleasure with a person focused on who they really are.