Transcendental Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By L'amante

My wife and I are in a chapter of our marriage where almost everything changes. We used to think, that we will love each other (and only each other) for the rest of our lives. Our sex life was great and evolving over the years. Now we see and experience that it is indeed possible to love more than one person, and that it's also possible to be attracted sexually to various people. Now my fantasy: My wife is pregnant and I really adore her. And there is another woman whom I find fascinating and sexually thrilling. So the three of us are in a hut in the mountains surrounded by a snowy winter landscape. Everything is wooden and there is a fireside in the center. While we talk about gender issues and sex we all sense a tension between all of us. While we start to caress each other we all feel that there is no separate selves anymore, but there is pure love shared and experienced by us and that leads to a sexual adventure that is beyond anything anyone of us has ever experienced. I want to be clear about one thing: It's not a common three-way where the man gets pleased by the women. For me it doesn't even matter what exactly happens between us. The fact that celebrating and sharing that love could be possible is just turning me on on many levels.