Story in the tram under the rain

A Sexual Fantasy

— By liubov

I was in a hurry, under heavy cold rain without umbrella. My face was covered by rain drops, my hair was wet and partly laid on my face.

I go into an almost empty tram. I was standing with closed eyes, listening to music. I start to dream about my new guy. I met him on Tinder. He was handsome! Much more handsome than my husband. We have not fucked, but I want to so badly.

I am in the tram, looking into a wet window. Suddenly I feel someone’s fingers on my arm inside my pocket. I look back - it is him, my new guy. But I also see my husband. He is sitting just few steps from me in that tram. He is watching us.

My new guy looks at me, takes my wet hair out my face, and back to my ears. He kisses me. With his lips he takes every drop of the rain from my face. He does it very slowly.

He slightly touches my breasts and I feel my nipples getting hard. Then he goes down, touches my hips, between my hips, slowly. Then he unzips my trousers. Puts his pulm in my pants - I am already soo wet, that I can’t stop my moan. He kisses me, to quiet me. He but goes on with his fingers.

I drop my head back, moaning, I orgasm very fast. My legs are sluggish, he kisses me to quiet me, and grabs me by my waist. He doesn’t let me fall down. We are standing quietly whilst hugging each other. Then he kisses me very fast and rough. He goes out at the stop, without saying a word.

I am standing there alone, but then my husband stands up and goes to me, takes my hand. We get out at the next stop....

Then I opened my eyes. I am still in the tram. It was all a dream..... I look at my phone, and suddenly see a message from my new guy.

He texted me just exactly at that time, when I was dreaming of him!!