The Surfing House

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bmathe

Eddie is a surfer, going to a surfing place to enjoy the waves to recover from a breakup. He picked one of those places where people from around the world gather in a surf 'camp', a house with several rooms, where the mood is chill and relax. It reminds him of when he was an Erasmus student back then.

As he arrives, he befriends wih other surfers. There is Nicole, from Australia, fleeing winter to enjoy European warm vibes and swell. One evening, as they each eat the pasta they cooked, they share tips on their recipes. Smiles, eye contact, 'it's on' Eddie thinks. Or, is it? She goes upstairs in her room quite quickly, leaving him with a bittersweet taste.. Maybe he's not good at dating anymore, maybe too old at 35, he thinks.

The next day, he walks to the spot close to the house, and there is Nicole. Eddie is impressed, she's quite good surfer.

As he approaches the lineup, she notices him, and shouts 'Hey, Eddiiie' ! Her enthusiasm brings a big smile on his face early that morning. They share a great session together.

In the evening, Eddie takes a chance: - 'Hey Nicole, the tide is too low, no more surfing for the day. I'm going to watch sunset down at the bar at the beach. Wanna join?' - 'Oh sure!', says Nicole.

Moments later, they chat about the atmosphere in the house, which is cool but a bit noisy, especially as those thin walls makes it really clear what others are doing on the other side of the wall... - 'Not a good place to be as a couple', says Eddie, laughing. - 'Yeah...'

The night goes on with an improvised dinner and it's finally time to come back to the house. Eddie goes on: - 'So, I guess I'll just walk by the beach a little bit more. Everyone is up and playing games at the house, I won't be able to sleep with that noise.' - 'Well, I don't think I want to sleep either. Let's walk!'

Eddie has his backpack with him, and a large beach towel inside to sit on.

- 'Oh, great. You know what: I know a quiet place where we can look at the stars. What do you say?' says Eddie Nicole smiles, looking down timidly and says 'OK!'

Amoung the dunes and far from the village, there the couple sits, laughs, and this is when he starts explaining what the Taurus constellation is that Nicole grabs him, not timid anymore.

There's just enough light from the half moon. First Eddie goes down on her and she climaxes real quick. - 'You can surf many waves in one session, right?' and asks him to keep going.

Her turn to mouth-please him, while he looks up to the stars, in ecstasy.

They have long, passionate sex, in the low light atmosphere. Her on top quite wild, then him doggystyle. Strong intensity during every position, where the timid characters unleash themselves like when they are surfing big waves.

Nicole makes Eddie come with a hand job while grabbing his chin and looking him straigh in the eyes.

They walk back to the house, where everyone is still partying.