The Speakers are Speaking

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Camilla Renaissance

That is a real story. In our little recording studio, we work in the dim light, even late. The few things we need to write are a desk, two powerful speakers, two chairs, a microphone, a computer and a notebook. Perhaps writing together allows us to get to know each other better than anyone else. We have been writing to each other for years, but only in poetic form. That night, after a long working day in the studio with him, we finished a song ... about us. We were very tired, but sex was already in the air. I got up from my chair and I sat on top of the desk. We started listening to the new song, with lots of deep basses … The desk started to vibrate gently. Incredibly, he understood my little, almost imperceptible movements; so he decided to look me in the eyes and he started to turn up slowly the volume of the speakers. Then it became crazy, and finally, we started to fuck hard! Perhaps after these long years we ran out of the words.