The Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Man-you

As he walks into the room after a long day at work, he hears the water running in the bathroom. His body comes alive at the thought of her standing naked under the shower. Knowing how horny he would be, she had kept the bathroom door open, just enough to get his dick rising as he peeped in and saw her curvaceous silhouette being caressed by the water behind the shower curtain. He could see her hands soap her breasts so slow and then go between her legs and spread on the pussy. The way her body jerked as the wet hands touched the pussy, he knew she was on a heat and craving for him. Not able to hold himself any longer, he walked in straight under the shower, held her naked body tight and smacked his lips on hers. Taken completely by surprise and pleasure, she surrendered to his will and pushed him against the wall. She got so turned on watching the water wet his white shirt and reveal his toned abs under it. The dick in his trouser was screaming to be let out and being the kind girl that she was, she pulled down his trouser and took into her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pressed her mouth deep in pleasure and let out a moan. She blew him like nobody had before and the feeling of her tongue savor his dick slow made his mind go numb. He looked down to see this gorgeous naked woman bowed and devoted completely to please him. She rolled her tongue from his balls to the tip of his dick and then thwacked it hard , sending currents of ecstasy in him. Having gotten him hard and thick, she turned around and plonked her round ass on his dick and begged him - fill me up baby ! i have waited for you all day. As he entered her from behind, time stood still..the sound of the running water, his deep breaths, and her own soft moaning were all so magnified and heightened. The muscles in her pussy clenched and held his dick hard making them skip a heartbeat each. He fucked her ass slowly , getting her wetter and wetter. Moaning her lungs out she begged him to pound her ass without mercy and he thrust himself deep, hard and fast into her. The strength of his fucking needed her hold the wall so tight and she did. Deeper and deeper he went and she could hear his breathing get faster and faster. Her body ripping with pleasure, she felt herself climaxing and in one final thrust when his dick was deep insider her, she let out a squirt and screamed in pleasure. She let it all out and collapsed on the floor. She was done taking a 'shower'.