The Mark of Zorro

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sarauna

I recently rewatched The mask of Zorro (1998), and one of the scenes in the movie is a sword fight between Zorro and Elena in the stables. They have a very strong connection in the movie, and I fantasized about making a porn out of it. You can so clearly see Elena’s lust for Zorro in her eyes. During the fight Elena keeps losing more parts of her clothes, and Zorro kisses her a few times. By the end of the fight he carves a Z on her nightgown and it falls off her body, so she is fully naked now. Instead of the movie, where Zorro walks away, he kisses Elena fiercely and starts touching her everywhere. In the meantime she unzips his pants. I imagine Zorro and Elena fucking each other in different positions. Doggy style while leaning against a saddle stack; standing from the front or from behind against the wooden fences that enclose the horses; a blowjob between the hay stacks; etc.. The porn ends with him coming, drawing a Z on her body with his sperm. Hence the name “The mark of Zorro”.