The Goddess of Sexual Freedom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By JPB

My wife and I come from a deeply conservative background. We have both had to struggle to embrace our sexual freedom even after years of marriage. In our shared fantasy, we go to sexual healing retreat. It is led by a woman who embodies pure sexual power. She is the modern equivalent of a priestess of aphrodite. We are taken to a gazebo by the beach where this woman and her assistants are waiting. My wife lays down on a chaise. I am told to sit and watch as she is praised by these three women with words, touches and kisses. One of the assistants whispers in her ear as the "priestess carasses, kisses and licks her vulva. The other assistant is rubbing and sucking my wife's breasts. I watch as she accepts the willing praise of her sexuality and beauty. After she comes, with tears of passion and joy, the priestess leads me to her and we make sweet love to one another. The trio of women look on approvingly as they masturbate. The five of us orgasm in unison as the sun begins to set.