The Deep Desire of Corruption.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karma

My sexual fantasy is being corrupted by a Demon. Its hard to pinpoint what exactly it is that does it for me, but to imagine that Im an Angel whos slowly falling from her grace and in love with a Demon. Slowly becoming corrupted in body, mind and soul by a Demon, it gets me all hot and bothered.

This fantasy/scenerio usually goes something along these lines.

An Angel living her life of purity and divinity. Untouched, oblivious to the world of pleasures.

However with but one impure thought, it begins. A longing, yet angels shouldnt feel such a thing. Angels arent allowed to want anything. So of course naturally the Angel would try to suppress these feelings.

However then its when she meets a Demon. Demons are free, indulgent creatures. Demons can see through anyone... thriving by pulling on the desires deep within. Naturally, the opposite of Angels. Hated for being such sinful creatures.

The Demon of course picks up on her desires, finding it both interesting and amusing that hes met an Angel who longs...slowly he would begin to snake his way in, in the most subtle way possible.

Careful at first...Angels are guarded afterall. They have no reason to want to let a Demon. However...she did. She just didnt know it yet. She was too shrowded in shame to ever admit it.

However it seemed destined in a way... it would become more obvious as time passed by. It was a sad story... an Angel and a Demon who would long and desire for one another.

He wasnt hidden at all...he was comfortable with his desires.

She on the other hand was evasive. She was terrified, she was an Angel and it defied everything she was. Everything she knew.

The more she would run however the more he would pursue. She would feel him tugging her, he reflects everything shes too scared and ashamed she wants.

The Demon only pursues more... the more she resists the more he wishes to corrupte every bit of her. He knows hes slowly wearing her down.

Eventually she slowly gives in. No longer able to run from the temptation he gives her.

With a little force and pressure she can no longer run from him or his temptation. She becomes more concious and aware...having had a taste lies the desire...just a little further.

He gives her an opening. After all...what makes a difference between a little sin...and a little bit of a bigger sin?

The Angel would take the bait and fall right into his trap, and no longer able to deny it anymore... he decides to make it harder for her.

He will tell her to beg for him... teasing her along the way, making her want him more.

She begs him but not in the way he wants. She begs him not to say it. For then...she knows she will be corrupted and will no longer be pure.

However...he insists.

For her its torture either way. Conflicted and confused, what she wants is him. However she cant have him without sacrificing her own divinity. Eventually she gives in...fully.

At the end The Demon and Angel become lovers.