The Common Language

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SeñoritaMontaña

I’ve been talking with a man I met years ago on a trip to Chile. He’s 9 years older than I am, and we don’t speak the same language. I was in a relationship when we met, so we didn’t take any action. But the sexual tension was there. Everyone else (his friends and mine) could feel it, and see it in the way we looked at each other. We danced on my last night in his country and dios míos.. the intensity. We couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I left Chile and talked to my closest girlfriends about him.. Recently, he reached out to me on social media. (I’m no longer in a relationship, I ended things not long after returning from my trip) one thing led to another and now we chat almost everyday. We love to fantasize about the moment we are together again. We are learning more about each other each day, and also learning each other’s languages (translation apps are our best friend). I have a trip planned and tickets bought to go visit him later this year. I love fantasizing at night about making slow love with him on a foreign beach, him whispering to me in Español, “Tú eres hermosa, mi amor.”, me smiling. The beach waves and orgasmic ones taking us to another world while we speak the common language of love.