The Closing Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ColorfulGoth

I work in an organic shop. Since a couple of weeks I can just feel the sparks flying between my colleague and me. I often catch him looking at me from the other side of the store. Everytime I come near, het steps close to me, makes teasing jokes and looks me deep in the eye. And everytime I feel my body tensing and my face smiling. I want to be near him, I want him to touch me. To casually touch my hand. I want to feel his skin on mine. But he never does. Ahh how I want to be the only two ones left to close up the store. Both in the stockroom: him counting crates and me being my clumsy self, failing to use the scrubber dryer correctly, needing him to help me. How I want him to notice and come up to me to help. To stand real close beside me and show me every button and handle while his body slightly touches mine. Then he lookes me in the eye while our faces are almost  touching. I want him to longingly look at my lips. I want to resist turning my gaze away. Though eventually caving. I want him to then softly turn my head back to let my eyes meet his again, and ask me if I understood what he had said. Me blushing because not a word had come through. So I nod and start pushing buttons on the machine, not succeeding to make it work. He laughs and gently takes my had and guides it to the key and turns it with my hand in his. His touch causing a wild warmth to course through my veines. I fail to breathe. He lays his hand on my back and asks me with a develish smile if I understand now. I nod again, still forgotten the rest of his instructions. He gives me a suspicious look and comes even closer to me, saying : "Did you even listen to my wise words". Butterflies in my heart. My eyes beg him to push me against the stirdy machine. He seems to read my mind and pushes me firmly against it, his crotch against mine, feeling his warmth. Then he starts tracing my body with his fingertips from my sides to my bottoms. I sigh with pleasure. "no you may not enjoy this. Punishment, that's what you'll get for not listening to me." He takes a step back and starts guiding me to the wall on our left. He takes my hands and pins them down against the cold surface of the wall, simultaniously cornering me with the rest of his body. "Yeah, where will you go now?" I start trying to escape, not wanting him to win. We wrestle and end up lying on the dirty floor. Him on top of me having mastered me by pushing my body against the floor. I grunt in frustration and try to mask my pleasure. He smirks. Then we kiss and other pleasures follow...