The Big God

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wolfy-fa

I see him each week at the same time. We have a class together at college. He welcomes me with that charming blush spread over his cheeks. It stays there most of the time making him look adorable. He is a big guy. That’s how I like them. Tall, broad shoulder - sure. But his round middle, pressing shyly at the fabric of his shirt draws my attention most of the time. Maybe I should offer him a piece of a brownie he loves to get at the cafeteria. Watching him eat makes my tights squeeze together… All I want is for everyone from our class to disappear. I want to turn around and face this man, seeing him blushing and smiling again, but this time only for me to enjoy. My fingers itch to run them down his belly. I dream to experience his weight on top of me, pressing me down. I would make love to him on the desk, worshiping his body because it is wonderful. He is shy about his size but for me he was always perfect. He is my Greek God. And when all of the heat will be gone I wish to cuddle into his body and watch that blush on his face. He is the man who deserves all of the love in the world.