Literary Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aenari

I sometimes feel nostalgic for a time before mine, when writing love letters was commonplace. I've always been more of a writer than a talker, and there has always been something uniquely sexy about having that kind of chemistry with someone, where you can wander through each other's minds linguistically.

I sometimes imagine sharing stories or letters with a partner to initiate foreplay. In some ways, it would be like a game, where we prepare our hottest stories for each other, to see how aroused we get, to see whether we can even stay off each other through one whole story before we can't get away from each other. Before we NEED to have sex.

Sometimes, the foreplay is integrated with the reading. I would love to read a story written by a partner while they go down on me, or vice versa. I'd love the feeling of connection on both sides of the spectrum. Exploring their fantasies while they explore my body, even if they've explored it a million times.