Tantric sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fran

I've recently started to learn about tantra and am absolutely fascinated by its essence, the total consciousness and union with divine energy. There's so much talk about tantra and it is mainly understood as a sexual practice in the Western world when in fact it is so much more. I'd like to see a movie where you can literally feel the conscious presence, connection to oneself and one another resulting in the Great Union as described in Daniel Odier's book 'A Tantric Quest': "The caresses, the gentle bites, the passionate scratches, the hungry feasting on each other's genitals, the slow curling of light and supple bodies followed one after the other exactly like notes. When we had been brought to a first orgasm by our lovemaking, the second orgasm was nearly immediate when entering her. We rose with the music to repeated and uninterrupted heights in the trance. When the music gave way to silence we had taken the yoga posture, totally interwoven in each other. The serpent of the depth unwound itself in one great shudder, and the kundalini took possession of us. (...) In the Great Union ritual, Shakti is adored by Shiva. Their passion traverses all states. That is to say, it does from the earthly tantrika tasting the goddess to divine absorption in Shiva. All these stages are lived in the most intense and complete manner during the energetic ascend toward union."