Talk nerdy to me. And fuck me hard.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mar

I was visiting my boyfriend in Helsinki, where he was doing a postdoc at the department of Philosophy. It was a Friday night and, as usual, he and his colleagues went for a drink at the local bar, just in front of the University. I joined them. We drank and talked philosophy. The atmosphere was cool and smart, just the perfect combination that really turns me on. Late at night, we left the bar and it was freezing. My boyfriend have left his beanie at the office and he wanted to pick it up since the weather was pretty bad. It was probably 2 am. The building was completely empty. We entered the office relying only on the soft lights of the hallway. The silence and the beers. The excitement of the conversations, his smell. As we kissed, he opened his pants and pulled me down. I sucked his dick. He lifted me and pulled me against the desk, fucking me from behind while I tried to silence my moans. I am a professional philosopher too. It makes me quite proud to have spread some love in a University that is not mine... :)