Taking It Slow

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lucie

I have found a wonder cock, he teases me. He waits and only enters once I am actually ready. I had never experienced this before and it feels soo exquisite.

He has trained me to be patient and to take my time receiving him, making the most of every inch.

It's a bit of a challenge when I'm on top and all I want to do is take it all and consume him. Which I do sometimes, and he brings me back slapping my bottom and trying to bring me back to the beautiful flow that we've cultivated. I cum and then if it feels right he allows himself a little further in. I sometimes put my hand on his cock to see how much more is left and I get very excited when I feel there's so much more to go in.

Its a practice that takes time.

He also practices not cumming (semen retention) which means we can be fucking for hours, so it's usually up to me to finish when I'm done and before he blows his load.