The Storm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pancho666

I love stormy weather, always have, ever since I was a child I like nothing more than heading outside in high winds and torrential rain. It’s not a sexual thing, it just brings me peace, there’s no other distractions, very few people and the feeling of being in control whilst simultaneously having no control. My fantasy though, is meeting someone beautiful in these conditions, I don’t know, perhaps I was on a day out, a day that started off well, I’m with friends and the sun is shining. Later that day, I get separated from my friends, the weather worsens, I’m far from home so wait at a bus stop for the next bus, one without shelter, the weather worsens still, a beautiful young woman joins me at the bus stop wearing a tight fitting summer dress, we acknowledge each other and the weather worsens still, high winds, lightning, rain that stings when it hits your face. The bus hasn’t arrived yet, it’s 20 minutes late, we are both soaking, find ourselves naturally getting closer to each other as getting cold, another 10 minutes pass, no bus, we are soaked to the skin, I can see her perfect body through the wetness of her dress, our eyes meet, I joke about the bus being late, she smiles. Another 10 minutes pass, the storm is still dancing around us. I say to her that I don’t think the bus is coming and suggest that I’m going to try to walk, I live 5 miles away though so it would be a long one. She smiles again and says that her place is closer, I could come with her and wait until the storm passes. I agree, we walk for what seems like an eternity slowly through the storm, her house just over a mile away, we get inside, teeth chittering, I’m about 5 feet into her hallway, I turn, she closes and locks the door then we both laugh and smile at each other, she looks cute standing there, her wet hair covering part of her face, her piercing blue eyes looking at me and her delectable smile shining towards me. The only sound we can hear is the water dripping off of us onto the wooden floor, she kicks off her shoes, reaches down and peels her wet dress off over her head, rolls it up and places it beside her shoes, “we can’t go in to the rest of the house with wet clothes on” she says. She nods to me, insinuating I remove mine, I do so, she takes off her wet underwear, again, she makes a gesture to suggest mine must come off too. We’re naked, staring at each other, two strangers, I don’t even know her name, but she’s beautiful, her body is just perfect, I want her. Oh no, I’ve just realised I’m becoming aroused, I can’t stop it, she noticed, she smiled then bit her bottom lip, then she walks towards me, takes my hand and leads me into the sitting room. We created art in her home, if we were to be paint, then every part of her house was our canvas, When we were finished, the storm had passed, we hugged, one last kiss, I left, I still don’t know her name…