Spa Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By J.D.

One of my wife and I's favorite things to do is what we call spa night. It starts with my running a bath while I set the mood with candles and soothing, relaxing music. I undress her and help her into the bath. I slowly and gently scrub her body, massage her neck, shoulders and feet, and wash her hair. I help her out of the tub and dry her off with a soft towel. I drape her robe over her shoulders and lead her to the bed where I have propped up pillows for her to rest her head, her feet resting on the side rails. I open her robe and kneel by the bedside, her vulva in perfect view at eye level. I have placed a basin of warm water, a washcloth, shave cream and a sharp razor in advance by the bedside. I reach for the wash cloth, dip it in the hot water and dampen the hair on her pubic mound as well as the sides of her labia. I gently apply the shave cream in slow circular motions. I shave her pussy starting at the mound and working my way down each side of her labia to her perineum. I turn her over on to her sides, one at a time, to get a better angle to which to shave her anus and ass crack. My cock throbs from staring so closely and I want to thrust my tongue into her hairless pussy and her anus but I hold back, this is about HER pleasure. Once all the hair has been removed with surgical precision, I apply a warm compress to her vulva with firm but gentle pressure. I warm coconut oil between my palms by rubbing them together briskly and soothe her freshly shaven pussy with the warm oil. I massage her outer labia gently without penetrating her. I continue to massage her arms, shoulder, legs, feet and finally her breasts teasing her nipples making them perk up and stiffen between my fingers. I kiss her between her breasts and work my way down to her vulva kissing all around her mound and the sides of her labia before licking between her lips and inserting my tongue into her slit. I slowly build up the arousal in her before focusing my energy on her clit gradually increasing the pressure and speed of my tongue licking until she writhes in orgasm.