Shared Sorrows

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rokemash

In college, I was going through a rough patch with my girlfriend. I felt unimportant and ignored. I had voiced these feelings to her but nothing seemed to have changed. Another girl, who was also in the same situation, took notice and offered an ear. We'll call her Selena. So over the course of 2 months, Selena and I talked about how our relationships were going and offered advice back and forth to try and help each other. We became close friends, getting each other small gifts and sharing how our days went in detail. People took notice of our increased interactions, and rumors began to grow and spread. My girlfriend confronted me about it, and I told her I was just giving Selena advice. My girlfriend was really upset and me me me her I would stop talking to Selena. I asked Selena to meet me in an empty classroom at the school. I told her we needed to stop what we were doing. Selena began to tear up and apologize frantically. She told me how she didn't want to give me trouble but she couldn't help falling in love. She told me how much she wanted to be held and kissed by me. I repeated how we needed to stop, as if I was trying to convince myself. I said we can hug but this will be the end. We hugged. I tried to let go but she squeezed even tighter. She looked up to me with her teary eyes and I just couldn't help myself. I lowered my face to hers and initiated a kiss. The kiss grew passionate as seconds passed. Eventually we were stripping ourselves and I lifted her on top of the teacher's desk. We continued kissing and I lowered myself towards her hips, kissing her body on the way down. I tasted her down there and held her thighs in my arms. I came back up and slid myself into her. Minutes passed and I lifted her off before rotating her. She was now holding onto the edge of the desk as I came back in, from behind her this time. We kept going like that until we were satisfied. In the end I put my pants back on and sat against the wall. She put her clothes back on, knelt down to kiss me one more time and thanked me before leaving the classroom. I hung my head and tears rolled down my face. I never talked to Selena again