sexting train

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DreamyMaria

I had a very intense summer love. I am from Colombia, he is from Spain. We met in an exchange in Malta when I was 19 and he was 26. We were together for a few weeks, however, our sexual chemistry was very intense and passionate. When I had to return to Colombia our lives went back to normal but we maintained a friendly relationship and we talked very often, I always found myself looking at my phone with a smile. The conversations went from being sarcastic and funny to profound insights into life... But we almost always ended up sexting with long calls at midnight. I loved taking photos and videos of me and sending them to him, this made my imagination fly and the fact of not being able to touch each other was also something that greatly increased my desires. This lasted 7 years. At the age of 24, I moved to Italy, I had the opportunity to experience many new things of first-world countries. For example, I had never traveled on a train. One day I decided to explore towns and cities near Milan (the city where I live), and I took a train that lasted 2 hours to reach the destination. I put on my headphones with relaxing music and focused on seeing the Italian landscape, the imposing mountains, and the sun that played hide and seek, painting the sky in orange tones. I was about to fall asleep, when boom, I get a message, I look at my phone and it was him writing to me. At first, we joked and laughed for a while, then the conversation started to get really intense and hot. I look up and see that the wagon is empty. I get another text, he asks me: What would you do with me right now? I close my eyes, and I can feel how I start to wet my panties, Suddenly someone opens the door of the wagon, and I see it's him. He comes in front, opens my legs, takes off my panties, and starts sucking me all over. I turned my sight to the window full of pleasure, my eyes shining with the landscape. I look back into his eyes, I kiss him, he finishes taking off my dress and I continue to push him into the chair in front to give him pleasure. When the two of us can't hold it anymore, I climb on top of him so he can penetrate me. I start to move, I am excited by the scene of the sun coming through the windows while the train is moving. We did many poses, we had the space just for ourselves. It was risky but intimate, I couldn't stop biting my lips. I open my eyes–the wagon is still empty, he is there, waiting for the answer to his text.