Roses Have Thorns

A Sexual Fantasy

— By The Brighade

A couple of days ago, I’ve finished my first play through of Yakuza Kiwami and, I have to say, it became one of my favorite games. I especially liked how the game wasn’t afraid to talk about gender and sexuality, even if they talked about it on the side. Another thing I liked was the main character: Kiryu Kazuma, a powerful, fierce looking person who also has a soft, joyful side. I loved how he was fierce and respectable. It got me thinking what if there was someone like him, but was a woman; someone as fierce, powerful, and respectable as Kiryu. I find it important because I don’t see many fierce female characters. I imagine a story where a woman, widely known as The Rose, meets up with a trans woman, like myself, who helps The Rose showcase her soft side. Together, they develop a relationship and swear to stick to each other’s side.