Returning the Favor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By beardedwonder

My girlfriend is ready for a night of romance, the bedroom is dimmed with red light and candles. She is in her favorite nighttime lingerie and I'm in my boxers and socks. I walk to the end of the bed and get on my knees to pleasure her. All she wants for the moment is for me to worship her feet. I gladly start massaging them; then I go into worshipping. I lovingly kiss her feet and listen to her pleasure as I turn to suck her toes and lick her soles and arches. Both of us are incredibly turned on. Next thing I know she wants me on the bed, she praises my foot-worshipping skills as I lay on the bed. She then whispers in my ear "I want to return the favor." She kneels at the same place where I was. She proceeds to take my socks off. Suddenly I realize she wants a turn kissing my feet, licking my soles, and sucking my toes. She tells me how delicious my feet are...