opposites end up together

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SisterNature

To be honest, I have always been attracted to opposites, and a little role reversal always turns me on.

I'm in a cafeteria right now. A few minutes ago I lifted my eyes from the phone for a few seconds to take a sip from my coffee, when they caught a sight. The cashier girl was a young tall black woman (tall even for a guy), curvy and full figured, big butt and huge natural breasts. Gorgeous.

The customer in line was a short and skinny white guy, kinda nerdish but good looking. He cracked a joke, she laughed (tried not to, but could not help it). You could see he was a charmer, and that she liked it, releasing a shy smile. For a few seconds they had a thing, but they went on with their day. He took his plate and left, and she went on to the next in line.

I bet that it would have ended differently if they had been more "similar" to each other... Why on earth does it matter? Why do people hold themselves from having fun with someone they like (you could clearly see they are attracted each other) just because someone else might find it "weird"?

I imagine him taking her number, texting her later that day to take her on a date that night. They go out, drink and dance at the bar. He introduces her to some friends of his, and whisper jokes in her ear. Later, he walks her home and she invites him upstairs.

They go up to the bedroom while kissing and fondling. He starts whispering in her ear again, she smiles, and you could see her blushing through her dark skin. He returns kissing her and she melts in his arms. His words, his touch, all of this make her feel amazing. He takes off her bra, fondle her huge breasts and burry himself in them. She guides him into her, grabbing him to control the pace. He is drowning inside that beautiful body. He flips her on his belly and grabs her bottom. It feels great that there is so much to grab, he likes it and starts fucking her harder. She moans and groans, it's exactly what she wanted. She loves the fact that he is in shape and keeps going like that. How lucky she was to meet him that day.

I keep thinking about how that small guy made this strong woman tremble.
Well i'm all warmed up now, and it ain't the coffee...