One (more) time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Roque

I had a girlfriend when I was 17. We just did some petting but never had sex. She was the complete opposite of me, so I did not notice how our first and 6 month-long relationship was breaking up to the point it did. We were still meeting after this but I couldn't think about having sex with her for the next two years. At that time, she slept with someone else. All my hopes seemed crushed until one day she visited me for 2 days and on the only night we were there, all my dreams should come true. I started massaging her with hot chocolate oil from a massage candle. By the time I asked her if I could massage her legs and feet, her soft breasts, I started to kiss softly and lick her nipples, having the taste of the oil in my mouth. Then massaged her tight, trained small ass. I was eating and kissing it with pleasure, realizing her breath was going up. We both knew we were living the moment. Finally, she was undressed. But before I could start, I was lying on my belly and she started massaging me. I felt how my cock got harder and harder to the point I was exploding. Fortunately, she finished and I was not only hornier but felt way better. I started kissing her body and legs, slowly moving to her pussy and clit while her breath went heavier and faster. When I started to move my hands around the clit she pulled my hair and moaned. My fingers went in and she started shaking. After she had her orgasm, she grabbed me, turned me around, and gave me a handjob and a blowjob. At this point, I was going crazy. Then she sat on my cock and started moving. After 40 mins, I can say my dream came true and we are closer than ever