Old Love

A Sexual Fantasy

— By I want him

I’m newly single and haven’t dated in 18 years and have recently connected with an old flame online and he lives close by. We set a date to meet up for a hike in the snow and my body just couldn’t wait, so my mind went into fantasy land. In my fantasy: We nervously pull into the trailhead, both filled with sexual desire, walk towards each other with arms open for a warm embrace that is years overdue. We laugh and giggle with excitement as we put our skins on our skis, tell jokes and exchange stories of our past. Anticipation fills my heart, nervous giggles and glances toward him…unsure…does he want me too? We begin skinning up the gorgeous steep mountain side, I’m sweating with desire and exhaustion and in a moment of impulse I put all my strength into catching up with him on the trail I hug him, he smiles and we both softly fall into a pillow of snow. Our eyes lock and we are both hot, steaming in fact. He wants it, I see it in his eyes, so I undress him and make a blanket in the snow with our clothes. We kiss every inch of each other’s bodies, we want it. We are in love again. We want more than the penetration that is moments away, we want to merge souls, to embrace and know the warmth we share will carry us through anything. We make love. We are warm, even as the cold snow sneaks its way onto our bodies. We are love.