My Bad Boy Romance Novel Comes To Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Christie I.

I met him one day one a video chat roulette site and we talked until dawn came for me. Against better judgement I gave him my Discord tag to keep the conversation going. He was everything my romance novel addled mind could ever dream of: a bad boy with wolf tattoos, an obsession for cars, and a penchant for skirting the law by staying out all night to participate in illegal drag races on the desert streets of Chile. But what's a romance novel bad boy without a soft side? His was that he was a chef, vegetarian, animal lover who believed in gender equality and eating pussy. Lots of it.

As if his Spanish wasn't enough to make me wet, all he had to do was stare at me with that look and those piercing hazel eyes of his and I'd squirm. One time, that really was all we did, as any two strangers who were continents apart only ever could do, and it was enough to get us all riled up, horny for each other, and cumming on cam. I still wonder about him sometimes, but in true bad boy fashion, he vanished just when I thought I was falling for him.