Lizette and Petite Sirah - the perfect wine parings

A Sexual Fantasy

— By anon

Lizette and I always enjoyed visiting Sonoma, California. We aren’t attracted to the trendy places. It is the old hotels and wineries that we gravitate towards. We also find the town very sexy and find it difficult to keep our hands to ourselves. This is fantasy we both wrote. I won’t tell you who wrote which section, you will just have to guess. It begins with a sunny and warm afternoon in Sonoma. Lizette is wearing a floral wrap around ankle length skirt and a black, form fitting tank top. The fragrance of roses fills the air as we walk to our favorite tasting room. As we are walking Lizette says that she is glad she wore the tank top as it is cut low in the back and she finds the warmth of the sun enjoyable and a bit arousing. The fragrance of wine, oak and cork, and the cool air surrounds them as they enter the winery. Lizette turns to Phillipe and tells him that she should have worn a bra. Phillipe smiles as he finds out why she said that, the cool air made nipples erect. Phillipe tells Lizette that he likes it and that she should look around see that everyone else in the room likes it too. The server also likes it as she fills their glasses full to the brim. After several glasses they find themselves fully enchanted by the taste and the aromas of the wine. They are also getting quite aroused. Phillipe suggests they go back to the hotel, but Lizette says there is one more tasting. She takes Phillipe’s hand and walks to a back door, opens the door, and enters the aging room. They walk past barrels and barrels of wine until Lizette finds just the barrel she was looking for. She sits on the top of the barrel, unwraps her skirt, spreads her legs apart, and tells Phillipe to enjoy her aroma and taste. He kneels in front of her as she grabs his head and guides his lips to her pussy. He enjoys her aroma and taste so much that he doesn’t want to stop even after she moans loudly as she cums. But alas all good things end, and Lizette re-wraps her skirt, and the reenter the tasting room, and head back to the hotel.