Ladies First

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kat

I'm a pleaser. There's nothing more beautiful to me than watching and feeling a woman come. I can get off on it even harder than when I touch myself. It does something to me that's a little hard to explain. It's a transcendence, an outer body experience of pleasure. Just by feeling my partner's arousal, my own arousal triples. Tasting wetness build in my mouth makes my mouth water even more. I'm even hungrier for it. Her climax becomes my own. Her wants match my wants, because all I want is to please her. I want to feel her lips open to my touch and be the reason it trembles. I want to feel her legs tighten around my neck and her hands in my hair, gripping tighter. When she's close to the edge, my own body feels it. We share the experience so deeply that I can feel everything I do to her as if I'm doing it to myself. And when she comes... when those glorious pulses beat between my lips, I feel my own walls shake within me. My legs tense and my toes curl. I moan into her flesh, right along with her. I drown myself in her wetness and don't want to come up for air as if I could die happily there. Right there, between my lover's thighs is where I want to live forever.

Right before I'm about to drown, she saves me. She lifts my face from her waters and kisses my drenched lips. She licks my face clean and feeds me her essence. I feed on it by suckling her tongue. We share it. We taste each other and kiss even longer. Like teenagers on prom night kisses, like the backseat of a drive in kisses. Tasting each other's mouths and reverting into time when kissing was enough. Although we know we did so much more.

Then, I make her chase me. Because I know she wants to return the favor, I know she's just as hungry for me. I make her work for it, but in a playful way. Suddenly holding back, suddenly closing my legs, crawling slowly until she pins me down and takes my pleasure into her own hands. That wave now crosses and I receive the ultimate pleasure of receiving what I've been given.

I am now a pleaser, being pleasured...