A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mike

It was a summer evening in a carnival. We entered a room that was full of mirrors. A maze of mirrors in fact. Where you could see yourself from every possible angle. With mirrors on the roof, on the sides, with mirrors large and small and big and broken, Where you could see yourself for infinity and beyond. Where could see yourself broken into shards.

Luckily for us, we were the last ones there. Just silence, dim lighting and the possibility of us to make the most of the evening. We admired ourselves and each other looking at ourselves endlessly until she carassed my neck and it all began with just that. One thing led to another. Just imagine undressing yourselves, your partner and watching the scene infinitely. Imagine, spooning your partner and yet being able to watch her expressions and see the love in her eyes. Imagine being on your back and yet being able to see things from the top. It was an overwhelming experience with nothing left for imagination :)