In My Hand

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ErosPoet

My wife has needed to return home for an extended period of time to look after her sick father. I couldn't go with her because I need to stay and look after work (we work together and if neither of us were there it would turn into chaos). I have days where I'm okay--projects to do, places to see--and days where I'm not. Those days are tough!

But nights are always difficult, and the thought of going to our bed hurts.

Every night, the only way I can fall asleep is by holding a pair of her, I confess - previously very wet - lace panties in my hand.

I fall asleep with the panties in front of my face, breathing in her scent.

This kinky little coping strategy sparked a fantasy/wish/desire in me...

One night, a full-moon night (when all the best fantasies come true 😉) I fall asleep holding her sex-covered panties, and in the middle of the night I wake up to find I'm holding her panties, but they are connected her beautiful body again.

My hands caress her delicate skin, so carefully as I'm afraid that if I do something wrong, it will be all over and I'll lose her again.

We hold each other close and love each other hard until the sun starts to rise.

Dawn comes, and she disappears, leaving her newly wet panties with me to keep reminding me of our love that no distance can conquer.