Honeymoon Consummation

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rb435

I'm a young 22 year old guy who's saving myself for marriage. My deepest desire is the first night of of my honeymoon with my newlywed wife. We're both virgins, and having committed ourselves very publicly to each other before family and friends the day before, tonight will be the opportunity to seal our marriage, completing the final part of the wedding ceremony. We will physically and emotionally commit to one another in the most intimate act two humans can do, finally becoming one. In our candlelit honeymoon suite, there are flower petals laid out all over the bed, ready for us to consummate our marriage. I can't wait to make love to my wife all night long, with breaks for room service of course! With each sex round we get rougher and more animalistic and try new and exotic sex positions from the kamasutra. We'll wake up naked in bed together, basking in the afterglow of our passionate night. And after a bit of freshening up, we'll begin our lovemaking sessions again and again and again all day, all night, all week. We will literally become one body, one soul, my penis being hers and her vagina being mine.